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REVISION: August, 05 1999

Ricardo and Marķa Isabel
María Isabel

©Copyright Derechos Reservados, Televisa S.A. de C.V.,  México  MCMXCVII
(125 x 25 min)
Resumen escribió / This summary is written by: Maria Elena Venant

María Isabel is a little huichol Indian girl who lives in Nayarit with her father Pedro (Jose Carlos Ruiz) and mean stepmother Chona (Mónica Miguel). Maria Isabel´s best friend is little Andres an Indian boy. She makes friends also with frail Graciela, daughter of powerful landowner Don Felix Pereira (Jorge Vargas). Graciela shows her doll to her Indian friend who's 
never seen one and tells her its name is "Isela". María Isabel says she'll rather name her "Rosa". Graciela compromises and names the doll "Rosa-Isela" telling M. Isabel that they'll share that doll forever. Evil Manuela (Patricia Reyes Spindola), Don Felix´s housekeeper finds the girls together and has her master send Graciela to a boarding school to stop her friendship with an Indian girl. 

In Mexico meanwhile Elisa (Susana Gonzalez) married to wealthy Ricardo (Fernando Carrillo) finds out she has an ovarian cyst. She's operated and her life saved but she is unable to have more babies. This doesn't distress her loving husband since they already have a little girl Gloria (Andrea Lagunes). A little after her operation Elisa receives the visit of an old friend Lucrecia (Lorena Herrera). Lucrecia is a con woman who in cahoots with her lover (Roberto Ballesteros) plan to rob Elisa´s jewels which are kept in a bank's vault. On occasion of an important party, Elisa goes to the bank to retrieve the jewels. Lucrecia offers to accompany her. On returning, at the parking lot they are robbed and Elisa is murdered. Ricardo falls into a deep depression, and is very easy for Lucrecia to take advantage of his vulnerability and becomes his mistress. 

8 years go by. María Isabel is now a beautiful young woman (Adela Noriega) engaged to marry Andrés (Raul Araiza). Graciela (Ilse) returns from boarding school and resumes her friendship with M.Isabel. The Indian girl gets a job at the Pereira´s house. She has a lot of problems with Manuela and Don Felix who wants to sleep with. However the girl is very proud and courageous and stands up for herself. Don Felix wants Graciela to marry a friend's son, but his daughter is in love with Leobardo (Alejandro Aragón) an engineer working on the New. Highway. Graciela and Leobardo become lovers.
When Don Felix finds out he forbids them to see each other. M. Isabel goes to warn Leobardo and is forced to spend the night at his camping site. Everyone in the village thinks she is the engineer's mistress. Leobardo is killed (by Don Felix´s orders) and Andres breaks off his engagement. Graciela is expecting a baby so together with M.Isabel run off to Guadalajara. Graciela has a heart disease and dies shortly after the birth of Rosa-Isela entrusting her baby to M. Isabel. The Indian girl and 
the baby move to Mexico City. 6 years later and after much trouble and grief, Maria Isabel meets Ricardo who gives her a job as a servant his house. 

It takes two years for Ricardo to realize he is in love with his servant, but he finally bypasses Gloria's (Paola Otero) dislikes for the Indian girl and marries Maria Isabel. A little before the wedding, Don Felix locates Rosa Isela and takes her away from her adoptive mother. It is this tragedy that brings María Isabel and her master closer. 

After a long European honeymoon, María Isabel her happiness is complete. She's married to the man she loves has a lot of money. She has patched up her relationship with her stepmother and stepdaughter and Don Felix allows her (half-heartedly) to see Rosa Isela. However Mireya (Sabine Mussier) a famous pianist and an old flame of Ricardo shows up to stir up trouble in the happy marriage. 


Adela Noriega------------------------------María Isabel
Fernando Carrillo ---------------------------Ricardo Mendiola
Lorena Herrera-----------------------------Lucrecia

Patricia Reyes Spíndola---------------------Manuela
Lilia Aragón--------------------------------------------------Rosaura
José Carlos Ruiz----------------------------Pedro
Mónica Miguel-----------------------------------------------Chona
Alejandro Aragón --------------------------Leobardo
Raúl Araiza----------------------------------Andrés
Marcelo Buquet-----------------------------Cristóbal
Aurora Clavel--------------------------------Amargura
Bertha Moss---------------------------------Carlota
Angelina Peláez------------------------------------------------Micaela
Ana Luisa Peluffo ---------------------------------------------Iris
Juan Felipe Preciado------------------------------------------Altamirano
Guillermo Rivas-----------------------------------------------Padre Salvador
Rodrigo Vidal-------------------------------Gilberto "Fayo"
Sabine Moussier----------------------------Mireya Serrano
Ilse Vidal-----------------------------------------------------Graciela Peréira
Susana González----------------------------------------------Elisa
Valentino Mazza----------------------------------------------Antonio

con las actuaciones especiales de
Roberto Ballesteros-------------------------Armando
Sergio Basáñez-----------------------------Gabriel
Yadhira Carillo ----------------------------Josefina
Emoé de la Parra--------------------------------------------Déborah
Patricia Martínez---------------------------------------------Matilde
Paola Otero -------------------------------Gloria
Abraham Ramos--------------------------------------------Humberto
Jorge Salinas-------------------------------Rubén
Ximena Sariñana--------------------------------------------Rosa Isela

Andrea Lagunes--------------------------Gloria
Naidelyn Navarrete ---------------------------------------Graciela
Fátima Torrre----------------------------------------------María Isabel
Cosme Alberto
José Ignacio

talento artístico
Guillermo Aguilar-------------------------------------------Dr. Rivas
Isabel Martínez---------------------------------------------Chole
Javier Herranz----------------------------------------------José Luis
Jorge Vargas-----------------------------------------------Don Félix Peréira
Julio Monterde---------------------------------------------Dr. Carmona
Angeles Balvera--------------------------------------------Panchita
Susana Lozano---------------------------------------------Olivia
Rocío Gallardo---------------------------------------------Felicitas
José Antonio Estrada--------------------------------------Chino
Mariana Brito----------------------------------------------Lucha
Paty Bolaños-----------------------------------------------Alundia
Paola Flores------------------------------------------------Lupe
Marcelo Portela--------------------------------------------Toritio
Juan Goldaracena------------------------------------------Darío
Alex Rei---------------------------------------------------Sixto
Wilson Cruces---------------------------------------------Genaro
Omar Alexander-------------------------------------------Anselmo
Jorge Esma------------------------------------------------Remigio
Eduardo Benfato------------------------------------------Filiberto
argumento de Yolanda Vargas Dulché
versión de René Muñoz
tema "Si Tú Supieras"
letra y música Kike Santander
Emilio Estefan
canta Alejandro Fernández
musicalizador Jesús Blanco
escenografía Ricardo Navarrete
ambientación Gerardo Hernández
diseño de imagen Mike Salas
jefe de producción Guillermo Gutiérrez
editores Juan José Franco
Luis Horacio Valdez
productor asociado Arturo Lorca
gerente de producción Diana Aranda
director de cámaras en locación Jesús Acuña Lee
directora de escena en locación Mónica Miguel
dirección de cámaras Alejandro Frutos Maza
director de escena Miguel Corcega
productora CARLA ESTRADA

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