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Lo Nuevo  /  New

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FEBRUARY, 6 2000

        Hi, everybody! I'm sorry that you waited 2 months to see revision, but I really didn't have time. Now, as you have seen I changed the title od page and now it is "Telenovelas Menu". I hope you like it. I tanks Dubravka Angelovski for her help, because she made the front page. Before I end this part of text, let me tell you also that I already made pages for telenovelas "Por tu amor" and "El niño que vino del mar" but I have some problem with photos, so you'll wait for some time more.

I made a page fot telenovela:

La ultima esperanza
I update following pages:
México -archivo
La Usurpadora
La mentira
El privilegio de amar
Pobre niña rica
Telenovelas in Croatia
Telenovelas on Galavision
Telenovelas in Slovenia
Telenovelas on Televisa
Telenovelas on Univision

DECEMBER, 5 1999
Hello! I prepared new stuff thanks to some of you that gives me many help (like: Inka Marinic, Dubravka, María Elena Venant, "Paola Bracho", Alex Jimendez, and other...). This way one more time I give you a big THANKS!
I made a page fot telenovela:
Clarisa --only page in the WEB, of this telenovela

I update page of telenovela "El privielgio de Amar" with new photos (Gabriel Cervantes, Mauricio Herrera, Toño Mauri)

I replaced photos of::

Laura Flores (lflores.jpg)
Luis Uribe
Marco Muñoz
I put new photos:
Renata Flores  (Chispita, La Usurpadora, Mi querida Isabel, Rosa Salvaje, Rosalinda)
Toño Mauri (La Antocha Encendida, Simplemente Maria)
Toño Infante (Marimar, Victoria)
Manuel Landeta (Sentimientos Ajenos, Vivo por Elena)

I update following pages:

México -archivo (with new title from 1989: "Lo blanco y lo negro")
Tu y yo - telenovela (I forgot to put photo of Isabel Salazar)
Telenovelas in Croatia (with list of telenovelas that are coming)
Telenovelas on Televisa
Telenovelas on Univision

NOVEMBER, 21 1999 I made a page for telenovela:

I update following pages:

Telenovelas in Croatia
Telenovelas on Galavision
Telenovelas in Rusia
Telenovelas on Televisa
Telenovelas on Univision
México - archivo de Telenovelas
Colorina        (last time I forgot to put photo)
La Usurpadora
La Antorcha Encendida

SEPTEMBER, 26 1999
  • Hello, again!

  • I didn't make much more photos because my scanner is still "dead".
    But, before you see what is new, I must give you my new e-mail. So from today you may write me to  or ..

    I update folloving pages:

    México - archivo de Telenovelas
    Telenovelas en Televisa
    Telenovelas en Univisión

    I replaced photos of:

    René Strickler (soon I'll put new photo, once more time)
    Nuria Bages
    Sabine Moussier

    So I made pages for 3 mexican telenovelas:

    El Privilegio de Amar (la mejor pagina de esta telenovela en el momento)
    Cenizas y Diamantes

    SEPTEMBER, 13 1999

    I update folloving pages:

    México - archivo de telenovelas
    Telenovelas in Croatia
    Telenovelas in Slovenia
    Telenovelas on Televisa
    Telenovelas on Univisión

    I replaced photos of:

    Alejandro Ruíz - aruiz.jpg
    Enrique Alvarez Félix
    Francisco Gattorno
    Jesús Arriaga
    Kate del Castillo
    Leonardo Daniel
    Magda Guzmán
    María Teresa Rivas
    Pilar Montenegro
    Raquel Morell
    Raquel Olmedo
    Roberto Ballesteros
    Victoria Ruffo -vruffo.jpg

    So I made pages for 2 mexican telenovelas:

    El Pecado de Oyuki

    I update this telenovela pages with new photos of cast-info. My scanner "died" 2 days ago, so I can't give you all pictures that I tought (like photo of Raul Buenfil, Luis Xavier, Toño Infante, Renata, Alonso Echánove, Manuel Landeta...), so maybe next revision. I update:
    Acapulco (photo: Tomas Goros)
    Alguna Vez Tendremos Alas (photos: Luis Couturier, Antonio Miguel)
    Corazón Salvaje (photos: Yolanda Ventura, Jaime Lozano)
    Gente Bien (photos: Patricia Bernal, Marta Aura)
    Huracán (photos: Beatriz Aguirre, Luis Couturier)
    Imperio de Cristal (character name of Fidel Garriga)
    La Antorcha Encendida (photos: O. Guilmain, J. Peláez, N. Esperón; info: Raúl Buenfil)
    La Jaula de Oro (photo: Jaime Lozano)
    La Mentira (photo: Blanca Guerra)
    La usurpadora (new cast-info)
    Lazos de Amor (photo: Erick Rubin)
    Marimar (new cast-info)
    Marisol (photo: Ofelia Guilmain)
    Mi Querida Isabel (photo: Roberto Blandon)
    Rosa Salvaje (photo: Erick Estrada)
    Sentimientos Ajenos (photo: Antonio Miguel; character name of Gloria Izaguirre)
    Si Dios me quita la vida (photo: Blanca Guerra)
    Simplemente Maria (photo: front picture)
    Una Luz en el camino (new cast-info , photo: Marta Aura)
    Valeria y Maximiliano (some changes in cast-list)
    Vivo por Elena (photo: Claudia Silva

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